Membership & Class Packs

Monthly members experience a number of classes each month, corresponding to the monthly membership option they purchase, with the additional benefit of full access to the treadmills, lockers, and other amenities during open hours. Open hours and classes will always be posted online and can be seen here. Open hours are subject to change based on varying weekly class schedules and may be cancelled from time-to-time for Studio maintenance and special events.

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Our Cambridge location at 294 Massachusetts Avenue features Heartbreak Studio. We also have three retail locations (South End, Newton, Cambridge), each of which offer premium running gear and free gait-analysis. No appointment is necessary for a gait-analysis.

All classes at Heartbreak Studio are designed with one thing in mind – making you a stronger, healthier, and faster runner at any distance. Each class is tailored to suit runners of all levels – from beginners to experienced. Each runner goes at their own pace and feeds off the energy of the group!

Did you ever see Michael Jordan pass the ball to Phil Jackson? Did Bill Bowerman ever hand off the baton to Steve Prefontaine? No. Heartbreak Coaches coach. Coaching isn’t about us. Coaching is about bringing out the best in our athletes. For Heartbreak Coaches, our focus, our goal, and our mission is helping athletes of all speeds get better every day. The coach isn’t the star here; the runner discovering untapped potential is the star of Heartbreak Studio!

Any reserved class must be cancelled at least 12 hours before the start of the class.

If a runner is not physically present at Heartbreak Studio five minutes prior to the scheduled start time, we reserve the right to release any unclaimed treadmills to the wait list. Any runner arriving 10 minutes or later after class start time may not be permitted entry to the Studio.

Monthly membership classes expire at the end of each monthly billing cycle.

We have two showers which include elegant skoah soaps and lotions, hair dryers, mints, and shower towels all provided at no extra cost. We have several changing rooms, lockers (with locks) and a water fountain. 

Race training is built into the fabric of Heartbreak Studio. Each class has been crafted to prepare runners for their best performances on race day. For race specific plans for 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon training check out our team, The Heartbreakers.