Studio Workouts

Your Next Best Run

Deerfoot Dash

Running uphill at Mile 20, Ellison “Tarzan” Brown rallied past John Kelly, to win the 1936 Boston Marathon and forever dubbed it ‘Heartbreak Hill.’ The “Deerfoot” in Deerfoot Dash honors the name by which Brown was known to his Narragansett Indian tribe.

Deerfoot Dash is a 45-minute, all treadmill class featuring speed play and/or hills. Expect to cover 3.5 to 6.5 miles depending on ability.

Killer 3's

Looking for a killer workout? Enter Killer 3's - 45 minutes of alternating treadmill intervals and high intensity floor work. This workout will make your heart pound, your body sweat, and improve your running form, power, & efficiency while showing you that you don't need to workout all day to see these benefits. Killer 3's on the swarm! 

Long and Strong

This all treadmill class celebrates going long. Expect to do some longer intervals and hills focusing on pace and active recovery. Expect to cover 5 - 9 miles depending on ability. 

Power 60

Power 60 is a hard core runner's dream strength training class because it's also heavy on the running. Designed for the runner who wishes to cover some distance and strengthen their upper body, core, and legs in one session. Expect to run 40 minutes (3-6 miles) and work some serious strength for 20 minutes.