Liquicell Blister Protectors

Liquicell Blister Protectors

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To keep you moving, the Pro-Tec® LiquiCell® Blister Protectors ensure a sealed covering over painful blisters, hotspots, and bunions. These protectors are used by professional athletes and recommended by healthcare providers to help in the healing of abrasions and blisters. Youll be able to continue running and training thanks to the secure, second-skin fit that will prevent further irritation.

LiquiCell® is a sealed liquid that circulates and moves in all directions so your skin does not. The LiquiCell® works better than simple gel pads that only cushion, but do not reduce friction.

Small Size provides 2.25" x 1.125" of total coverage. Large Size provides 2.75" x 1.375" total coverage