W Trailblazhers Tee

W Trailblazhers Tee

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This giving Tuesday Heartbreak is supporting some friends who are doing great work in this community with a t-shirt collaboration. Trailblazhers Run Co (pronounced simply "trailblazers") was founded by Abeo Poweder, Liz Rock, & Frances Ramirez with this statement:   

"We value and nurture the DIVERSITY in SISTERHOOD.
We Uplift, We Unite, We are UNSTOPPABLE!" 

These 3 womxn are long standing leaders in the Boston running community. They are the force behind Boston's Bra Run. Abeo is a Heartbreaker Captain, a former Heartbreak Studio Coach (RIP Heartbreak Studio), & a member of Mass General's Boston Marathon Team. Liz Rock is a Trillfit Coach, a former Heartbreak Studio Coach, and marathoner. Frances is also a marathoner & Captain of Pioneers Run Crew. 

At Heartbreak, we know one of the biggest hurdle when starting something is the b-word, "budget", so we created this shirt as a way to celebrate the bold womxn of Trailblazhers and the community they support with some funding. ALL proceeds of this project go to Trailblazhers 501-3. We're covering the cost of the shirt completely so that what you spend on the shirt goes 100% to Trailblazhers. You get to fly their flag while helping them realize their vision.

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