2020 Year End Message

2020 Year End Message

2020: "the year that wasn't", the one we're happy to leave behind. Still, let's remember and reflect while we recognize and celebrate the fact that we made it here, to the end of 2020, to a moment before a brighter new year.

First, thank you. You are the heart and soul of what we do and the reason why we do it. You inspire us to raise our game and we're always striving to meet and exceed your expectations. Thank you for standing by us and running with us through 2020.

We'll all remember the pandemic, the racial justice reckoning, the election. The tragedy, the sacrifice, the suffering, the absurdity. The loneliness. It certainly didn't start like that in Heartbreak world.

We kicked off 2020 with our first "new year, new you" party. Gathered in Cambridge, we had a big crowd for a thematic 20x20 second workout and a party. Before each 20 second interval, a runner publicly announced a goal for the year; grand or mundane, it didn't matter. The point was to vocalize it, to speak it in front of people. It was the best opening night to new year that we've ever hosted.

Next up, still in January, we hosted The Beginning Has No End with the goal of fusing art, sneaker culture, & street racing. Teams blasted a 4x800 around the shop on Tremont St, teammates and friends turned 574s into wild creations. The event was a blast and was to supposed be just part 1.

We had Olympic Trials send off parties in Chicago and Boston. Nearly 100 Heartbreakers flew down to Atlanta to watch Jonny Phillips, Jordan O'Dea, Amanda Nurse, Dan Kremske, and our favorite pros compete for a spot on the 2020 USA Olympic Team. Heartbreaker friend Molly Seidel had a life altering day and earned her spot on the team instantly catapulting herself to global running stardom by the force of her own performance (unexpected by some).

Then, the world stopped. One by one, nearly every race got canceled and so did everything else. We laid-off nearly all of our staff.

Still, the Heartbreakers adapted in the face of fear and uncertainty. We kept running. Running helped us mark the days. It helped us organize our thoughts. It became a physical outlet through which we could channel our remaining bits of energy.

At Heartbreak, we launched "preseason", we launched heartbreak.run, we launched live interviews, and we created our audio guided Speed Runs. It's been a joy to hear your voices and keep the Tuesday morning energy alive thanks to you and the dedicated pacer squad.

In the face of injustice, we deployed our running as a force for unity and anti-racism. With Pioneers, Trailblazhers, GUMBO, & UNMD in memory of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, & Breonna Taylor, in solidarity with and love for Black lives, we marched and we ran. We also raised funds.

We celebrated 100 years of the 19th Amendment.

We voted.

Heartbreakers did extraordinary things. They cared for COVID patients. They taught students in new ways. They checked in on their friends. They raised kids, had kids, got dogs. Worked hard. Stayed hopeful. Kept running.

They proved "no Heartbreaker is limited" by knocking out the Firehouse record previously set by a USATF Marathon Champion.

They ran an 800m time trial terrified of the distance in front of complete strangers.

They ran virtual everything: Boston, Chicago, NYC, Berlin, Harpoon.

Now, we say good bye to 2020. When life returns to normal, we'll never forget the bonds we forged, the people who there for us, the small moments of unexpected generosity, the little, happy things that colored a largely terrible year. We'll understand grief and loss differently and we'll appreciate the "old normal" in a renewed way.

Our deepest gratitude & love to you, our customers & Heartbreakers. We'll see you soon. 2020, we'll focus on the positive: thank you for your illuminating & hard lessons.

2021, LFG.