3 Lap Throwdown | Heartbreaker Women's Magic Horse Marathon Relay Team Trial

3 Lap Throwdown | Heartbreaker Women's Magic Horse Marathon Relay Team Trial

On Sunday morning at the infamous Harvard Tempo Loop, Heartbreaker women lined up to race for the 2 remaining spots on our seeded Magic Horse Marathon Relay team - the one that will defend the $5,000 prize purse that's up for grabs. Fans, friends, & the fast AF ladies gathered for the occasion.

Lots of good vibes and different approaches marked the event. Toeing the line we had Amy Tortorello, Haley Abing, Liz Hankinson, Sophie Pietrick, Clare Franco, Cait Abelseth, and Aisha McAdams. Styles ran from precision performance to happy-go-lucky. In the end though, it would be less than a second of space across that spectrum making the team. Amy brought an assassin's exactitude to the affair. Aisha asked, "we can fake two miles, right?" (Aisha, our resident artist, has been behind the lens at some of the the most exciting races of the year and relished the chance to throw herself into a low pressure race with the squad.) Clare showed up via bicycle at 9:50AM and asked "what time does this start?" 10AM. "I should warm up then 👋." Off she went.

Coach Dan called the starting commands and the athletes blasted off. 3 laps of the tempo loop is just over 2 miles. After one lap there was little movement in a tight pack led by Amy. Come lap two, Amy was still clearly in the lead chased by Clare and Sophie. Closing hard to the finish Amy claimed the wire to wire win with Clare right behind her rounding out our Magic Horse Marathon Relay team.

Watch the full video recap:

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