7 Weeks to 7 Miles | Falmouth Road Race Training

7 Weeks to 7 Miles | Falmouth Road Race Training

The Falmouth Road Race is a legend among road races, a cornerstone of what made New England a national running hub in the 1970s. So many greats have run it - Joan Benoit Samuelson, Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, Meb;  it’s even on Shalane’s bucket list of races. Chances are, you may see some of them on the course this year. Back in the day, if you were a regular at the Eliot Lounge at Comm Ave and Mass Ave in Boston (now Uni), you could sign up and pay through Tommy, the bartender. In so doing, you'd probably see many of the legends there. The Eliot was THE runner's bar.

The "Road Race", as the Falmouth locals call it, was founded by Tommy Leonard (yes, the Eliot’s Tommy) in 1973. He wanted to bring Boston’s elite running scene down to the cape and to the bar where he worked in the summers. The race starts at the Captain Kidd in Woods Hole, passes Nobska light at mile 1 and continues rolling through wooded hills reaching the sun soaked flat terrain of Surf Drive, eventually cresting with a hill just after the 10K mark. Then, it's all down hill to the finish at the British Beer Company!

Be prepared for heat and rolling hills. I don't call this a treacherously hilly race but there are hills and after nearly 7 miles, that last hill can hurt. Pace yourself, stay relaxed, and enjoy this spectacular race, all of its tradition, and it’s striking coastal beauty. It's a blast.

At the below link, you'll find the programs for the Falmouth Road Race (Beginner and Intermediate PDF formats, elevation map).


Here we go! - Coach Dan

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