Artist Feature: Aisha McAdams

Artist Feature: Aisha McAdams

We worked with our friends from Nike to create an opportunity for visual artists to tell a story of what community looks like right now around the occasion of the Pegasus 37 launch. First up is Aisha McAdams. Aisha is a freelance photographer and artist. This constant creator is also very fast runner when she chooses sport as her medium.  Here she shines behind the lens and in front: "I had a lot of fun with this one and working through the challenges of being the subject and the photographer..." Check back for an in-depth interview with the artist about this work. Let Aisha's words set the tone:

We have all the time in the world.

Mornings once governed by the magnetism of team workouts, jump-started by the blaring sound of your twice-snoozed alarm are now just... mornings.

We now find ourselves yearning for that feeling. The feeling when you know you’ve allowed one too many snoozes, and have left yourself the tiniest of windows to be on time. Then, within seconds scrambling to find your cleanest pair of shorts and jamming your shoes on.

The feeling of finishing a race before even hitting the track.
You would never miss it because working out alone feels nearly impossible...
But that “nearly impossible” has become the new necessary.
Running on your own has become the new definition of running as a team.

At times, it can feel suffocating - your quickening strides racing only your thoughts and your shadow -
breathing heavily through the cotton fibers that engulf your face.

It can feel dark. It can feel lonely.

But in those moments of darkness and loneliness, we have found unity.
We can credit tying up those laces to those late-night video calls and check-in texts.
They have replaced the post workout high-fives and hugs after you cross the finish line.
And fortunately, training is still training. Running is still running. What you do now will only prepare
you for the magic you are going to make months from now.

So, as we layer on the miles, or choose to spend a little more time elsewhere, we know we will be ready
when the time does come.