GET IT NOW: Blue Ribbon Sports Collection

GET IT NOW: Blue Ribbon Sports Collection

The Blue Ribbon Sports collection drops at Heartbreak today (get it here). Here's Coach Dan on BRS: 

"On January 25, 1964, an athlete/accountant and a coach/tinkerer shook hands and created Blue Ribbon Sports - a sales organization with high aspirations that would quickly evolve. The athlete was Phil Knight & the coach was Bill Bowerman. That company would become Nike. Their first employee, Jeff Johnson, opened the original dedicated retail space by runners, for runners in Santa Monica. The athlete/coach relationship defines many parts of what is now the global sports giant. Runners started the whole damn thing.⁠

On October 27th, 2009, @mister_wingman and I opened the doors of South End Athletic Company (now @heartbreakrunco). Teammates & co-captains, a CPA & a coach/sales guy. We created a space that reflected what we loved about running - our friendship forged over miles and an expectation that running have drive & purpose (like our new business). The ethos of being teammates defines what Heartbreak is today in every way. We started the first expert led free public speed sessions (with beers to follow) in Boston. The goal was simple: help self-identifying runners unlock their potential & make it fun.⁠

I never could have imagined in 2009 that I’d feel the kinship of that handshake in 1964 so powerfully in 2021.⁠

Celebrating the legacy of runners blazing their own path, both a new one & a familiar one, we’re so excited to launch the all new Blue Ribbon Sports collection. #blueribbonsports @heartbreakersrun⁠ @heartbreakrunco

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