Boston Area Physical Therapists | PT recommendations

Boston Area Physical Therapists | PT recommendations

Boston Area

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Wellness in Motion Boston
WIMB is a multidisciplinary clinic with one focus: helping their patients return to the activities that help them live a full and healthy life. Originally founded by Dr. Ian Nurse as a Chiropractic clinic, WIMB has since expanded to include a variety of incredibly talented health care providers including: Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Registered Dietitian, Sports Psychologist, & Personal Trainers.

WIMB specializes in the treatment of soft-tissue related injuries (muscle, tendon, ligament, nerve and fascia) utilizing treatments such Active Release Technique (ART), Graston, and Shockwave therapy. Focusing on a holistic approach, our wellness team will work with you to find a plan that will get you back on your feet and back to doing what you love whether it’s training for a race, playing your favorite instrument, or keeping up with your spirited kids.

8 Locations in the Boston Area:

Concord, 978 341 8689

Lynnfield @ MarketStreet, 781 776 6568

Norwell @ Magnitude Strength and Power, 617 505 6742

Dorchester @ BackYahd, 617 308 1668

Brookline, 617 505 6742

Downtown, 857 305 3392

Back Bay, 781 345 4063

Cambridge @ Heartbreak Run Co, 617 945 2477


Forward Spine and Sport
At Forward Spine and Sport we get runners back to do what they love, running. More specifically, we do it in the way that has been supported by years of research and backed up by our patient results. We don’t stop assessing until we know exactly what is wrong with you and then we get to work. We don’t take guesses. We use the right tool at the right time, for the right person and we get real results.
We do things different. We don’t just do what every other practice has been doing for the last 20 years. We stay ahead of the game and use the best assessment and treatment strategies that research can offer. Within our team we utilize rehabilitative therapy as the primary means of getting patients better. Along the way we may use acupuncture, dry needling, soft tissue, cupping, massage therapy and shockwave but only when they are clinically necessary and not just a Hail Mary that might waste your time and money.
400 commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Kate Degnan, PT, DPT, CSCS
Bay State Physical Therapy 
Free injury/prevention screens will be offered to all Heartbreakers. Runners can take advantage of this service if they have a new or chronic injury or just want to stay injury free. Strength and flexibility imbalances along with running form will be addressed. The runners will be given exercises and advice to stay on track with their training plan and maximize their running potential. Please reach out with any questions or to schedule a session by emailing or calling 617-749-9274. 
25 Boylston St Suite 108 Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 (inside Chestnut Hill Medical Center)