Boston Is Science | Jane

Boston Is Science | Jane

Heartbreak's Boston 2022 capsule collection is a loving celebration of the people behind our global leadership in scientific innovation and medicine. The design uses the four colors representative of DNA's code chemicals in a nod to the researchers, ground-breakers, care-givers, nurses, & physicians who run these streets every day: the people who make Boston what it is.

We're turning the spotlight on five athletes from that community in acknowledgment of and gratitude for their work. The complete apparel collection drops Thursday. Join the launch experience in Cambridge by registering here.

Jane Wilkinson

In the race for global scientific leadership, no place can touch Boston. As Executive Director of the Koch Institute at MIT and formerly a leader at the Broad Institute, Jane Wilkinson is among the most elite in her field. She was instrumental in the annotation of chromosome 1 for the Human Genome Project.

As a runner, Jane's highest aspiration is qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Drawn to running after a health scare, the idea of running that fast initially felt out of reach. Now, she's closed the gap.

Jane chases what others might deem impossible - and does it. She's a leader, a mentor, a scientist, a marathoner, a Bostonian.