Boston Is Science | Lanisha

Boston Is Science | Lanisha

Heartbreak's Boston 2022 capsule collection is a loving celebration of the people behind our global leadership in scientific innovation and medicine. The design uses the four colors representative of DNA's code chemicals in a nod to the researchers, ground-breakers, care-givers, nurses, & physicians who run these streets every day: the people who make Boston what it is.

We're turning the spotlight on five athletes from that community in acknowledgment of and gratitude for their work. The complete apparel collection drops Thursday. Join the launch experience in Cambridge by registering here.

Lanisha Harrison

It's been a very hard couple of years for the professional nurses, caregivers & clinicians. Steady, predictable, and safe jobs turned chaotic, even life-threatening. And yet, nurses & NPs continually showed up to serve the community.

Lanisha Harrison is a registered nurse at BMC. She says, "As a Bostonian, I am proud to know we offer the best healthcare by the most renowned medical professionals!"

She's been running since elementary school but it was Pioneers Run Crew (PRC) that really reinvigorated her love and connection to the sport. Community does that. She takes great pride in "showing the world that it is okay to run within the inner city." It's a damn good time, in fact! With big activations like PRC Goes MIA (Miami Half Marathon trip) and weekly community focused runs on Wednesday nights, Lanisha with PRC bring a powerful collective spirit to the Boston running community.

We asked Lanisha about the marathon: "I never ran the Boston Marathon, but I always feel great to support by cheering on the runners. I have a deep desire to run the Boston Marathon, I just have to fight my fears."