Boston Marathon | Memorable Moments from Mile 20

Boston Marathon | Memorable Moments from Mile 20

In celebration of the Virtual Boston Marathon next week, here's a single shot from the front door of our Mile 20 flagship from 2019-2013. Special thanks to Josh Campbell who usually posts up next to me all day to create a lasting visual of the memories seared into our brains every Patriot's Day. The comment section is open. Tell us your favorite moment. - DF


Ahead of the 2019 Boston Marathon, Liz Gaillet, our Cambridge shop manager, gave her notice. She was heading back to Mississippi for a coaching gig but had one more victory lap in mind. The team went nuts for her and Josh Campbell snuck across the street to capture the action, confetti and all. (photo by Josh Campbell)


2018 was cold and wet. The coldest and wettest. But as usual, Hem was a ray of light and joy in spite of the pain and struggle that comes with being at Mile 20. Hem is from Bangladesh, a Heartbreaker team captain, and friend to many. Due to the intentionally cruel policies of the current administration here in the US, his work visa has run into intended complications and he had to return to Bangledesh. We're looking forward to his return. Please, vote this November. (photo by Josh Campbell)


That's Jordan, Derek, and me after the crowds have cleared, giving the last runners a little love. We always make an effort to stay for the sweep buses, at least. In 2017, we stayed well past the sweep buses and even cheered on some friends as they were pushed onto the sidewalks to finish well after the cut off due to challenging circumstances. Lou Serafini was our manager at Mile 20 at the time and this was his debut Boston Marathon hence "Let's Go Lou" signs. (photo by Josh Campbell)


We didn't have a pro photographer shooting with us in 2017. I think the shooter here was Kyle Shade given the fact that I'm six feet tall and this is a clear head over me. Kyle is tall. We get a lot of high fives at Mile 20 and this one between Matt and I remains one of my favorites.


2015 was the global launch of the Nike+ Run Club live sessions and the Boston Marathon was the focus moment of the spring. Nike did a full takeover of the Mile 20 space (food truck, signs, furnished patio, DJ, etc) and 400 people registered to mob the place including a spectator bus from NYC. It was awesome. What makes Mile 20 Mile 20 for this team and our store is the people. My wife, writer/author Rebecca Pacheco, is a mad marathon cheer fan. Captured here with Andy, Armin, Matt, and I, it's a reminder of just how special it is to be physically close to the people with whom you are actually close on such a big day. It feels like family there because it is. Notice Rebecca's two jackets. It was also freezing. (photo by Josh Campbell)


It me. I have shockingly few photos of this year probably because instead of organizing anything at the shop, I ran the race. This was one of very few smiles from me on the course that day but I'm grateful someone caught it. 


Tim Ritchie, the founding coach of Hill Club, 2017 USATF Marathon Champ, and Saucony professional athlete, streaks by Mile 20 in one of the happier and forgotten moments of 2013. We were open at this location almost 1 year to the day and made a whole campaign around #runritchie (well, it was what we considered a "campaign" at the time). 2013 was also the year of the bombing so the joy here quickly turned to chaos and fear as we cleared out, tracked down loved ones and teammates, and mourned the day. Rebecca (pictured in red pants) and I led a meditation and run experience in Boston Common the following day to help our community channel its grief.


This year's Boston is sure going to look a lot different but it's still Boston. We'll celebrate and make it special because you deserve it.