Boston Starting Line Run

Boston Starting Line Run

"The Boston Marathon calendar change means that our Startling Line run landed on the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attack. We took a 20 second moment of silence to remember the victims. In thinking back to that Tuesday morning 20 years ago, what I remember most after the shock and tragedy of the day, the bravery exhibited by first responders & regular folks, the overwhelming sadness, is the empathy that followed. People were generous in their offerings of small acts of kindness & care for one another. There was a spirit of unity that was palpable. I asked the runners to conjure it again - to bring forth a spirit of unity & empathy, to carry that with them on the run. It's something our global running tribe is known for and something we can all aspire to revisit on a daily basis in loving tribute to those we lost on that day.

The Starting Line Run powered by Nike Running is a highlight of every training cycle. Thanks everyone who made it out. It was a special day." via @coachdanbos

Photos from the session can be found here.


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