Chicago Signature Speed & Long Run powered by Nike Running | PHOTOS

Chicago Signature Speed & Long Run powered by Nike Running | PHOTOS

Heartbreak's Signature Speed powered by Nike Running delivers on the mission we've had since October 2009: make runners faster and make it fun. Running from our Lincoln Park location, every session is led by an expert coach and is designed to challenge you just enough while also hammering home the fundamentals. Sessions will include a welcome/kick-off with the coach, gentle warm-up jog, active stretching series, speed/hills, dynamic drills, and a cool down. Whether you're training for a 5K or a marathon, speed is an asset we help you cultivate. Completely free and open to all. Join us Thursdays at 6:30PM by registering here. Long runs also available on Saturdays at the same link. 

Bag drop and changing rooms available.

Start/End Location:

Heartbreak Hill Running Company, 2148 N Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60614

Frequent workout locations:

Lincoln Park Zoo parking lot

Lakefront Trail

See the action for yourself in our albums:

Photos 05/25/2023 Heartbreak Recruiting Night

Photos 05/05/2023 Signature Speed

Photos 02/23/2023 Long Run

Photos 01/19/2023 Signature Speed

Photos 09/17/2022 CHI Longest Run

Photos 09/03/2022 Long Run

Photos 08/11/2022 Signature Speed

Photos 08/04/2022 Signature Speed

Photos 07/22/2022 Signature Speed

Photos 07/15/2022 Long Run

Photos 07/12/2022 Heartbreaker Practice

Photos 07/08/2022 Signature Speed

Photos 06/28/2022 Heartbreaker Practice

Photos 5/31/2022 Signature Speed

Photos 5/24/2022 Signature Speed

Photos 5/19/2022 Signature Speed

Photos 5/12/2022 Signature Speed