Never Fold Crown Crop | Drop Two

Never Fold Crown Crop | Drop Two

The second drop of Never Fold collection features a Crown Crop for the new queens. Heartbreaker Daniela de Aguiar shared her insights on what running royalty is today after our photoshoot. Read below and shop the crop, the all new black-on-black suits t-shirt, the back-of-card inspired big heart t-shirt, and the rest of the collection here.

HB: We like to say this collection is for "the new kings & queens". What defines running culture royalty today from your perspective?

Daniela: ​From my perspective, running culture royalty today is defined by accountability and persistence. We're in a tough situation; there are hundreds of reasons why we wouldn't get out there but we do. We lead, persist, endure, push through and encourage like we would in any race. We train for what is to come and the runner we want to be. If that's not royalty, I don't know what is.

HB: Do you have time when you bet big on yourself? What happened?

Daniela: ​A few Heartbreaker's and I signed up for The Bowerman Track Club Challenges - we call ourselves Heartbreak TC. As a long-distance runner (13.1, 26.2), these challenges were tough for me and forced me to get way outside of my comfort zone by racing in events like the 400, 800, 1K and 2K. Despite my insecurities competing in these national challenges and running with some of the fastest runners on the Heartbreaker's, we won the first three challenges! I surprised myself by hitting new PRs in the 400, 800, and mile - events I otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity to compete in.

HB: What's next for your running?

​Daniela: As of now, I'm participating in Vision21 to build a monster foundation in preparation for the Boston & NYC Marathons this fall! My short-term goal is to break 3 hours in either marathon, with the long-term goal of an OTQ.