Devin Wordlaw | Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak

Devin Wordlaw | Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak

For our "Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak" campaign, we asked athletes and community members to share what the concept means to them. Devin Wordlaw is a Heartbreaker, Chicagoan, marathoner, cyclist, trader, and fashionable man about town. Here's his take:

What does "Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak" mean to you?

To me “Run Hard Risk Heartbreak” means to go out and give your best effort no matter what you are facing.

Do you have an example in running or life that you'd like to share?

I would have to go with the first time I ran a marathon. I had somewhat of a goal but was very new to road racing. I trained and prepared myself to go the distance but here in Chicago you never know what kind of weather you will receive. That year we were given a windy and rainy Sunday to run 26.2 miles on. Long story short, I missed my goal but was so excited to complete my first marathon and proud of my ability to take on the elements. I feel that I Ran Hard and Risked Heartbreak.

How would you describe your relationship with running?

My relationship with running is very healthy and exciting. I love putting in the work and seeing the improvements. I like that you can compete with others but also you can compete against yourself. Lastly, running has brought me to meet and build relationships with so many great people and allowed me to participate in many things that I will remember for the rest of my life.

When did you start running and why?

I started running around 2016. I played sports growing up and kind of got away from it and was looking at getting back into it. A friend of mine was a pacer for NRC (Nike Run Club) and he invited me out to run a 5K and the rest was history. Running is a tough sport but what keeps me around is the community and camaraderie.

Who keeps you running?

Here in Chicago, we have a ton of different crews. Everyone is very supportive of each other. I have built relationships, received support, and inspired by a bit of everyone. So I want to shout out GumboFit, The Heartbreakers, 7onSundays, 3Run2, and Windrunners. Thanks for all that you do for the Chicago Running Community

What do you love about running?

My absolute favorite thing about running is Community.

What was your favorite item you wore and why?

So, I'm really feeling the new shorts that I had in the shoot. In
distance running the qualities I look for in shorts are lightweight,
breathable, and pockets. The moment I tried the shorts on, I
instantly noticed the inside pockets that we use for gels and other
small items, but then was super surprised to see that there was also a
back pocket for your phone and side pockets with zippers. I really
feel like the Heartbreak team did an amazing job with the design and
making them completely functional.

View the Deerfoot Shorts here.