Dylan Armstrong | Mostly Heartbroken, Still Going

Dylan Armstrong | Mostly Heartbroken, Still Going

We asked the community members featured in our Mostly Heartbroken, Still Going campaign to share a little bit about what the themes mean to them.

Dylan Armstrong brought her speed and talent from Arizona to Chicago to compete in the sprints and hurdles at DePaul University. Catch her at our Chicago shop where her joy for all things running as shared with everyone she comes into contact with. Read this all-star's take on our campaign below:

Heartbreak: What comes to mind for you when you hear: Mostly Heartbroken, Still Going?

Dylan: Optimism! Keeping the hope and the dream alive.

HB: What was something that didn't work out for you and how did you bounce back?

Dylan: My career as a track and field athlete was spoiled with performance anxiety, burnout, and injuries that ultimately that kept me from reaching my goals. At the end of my final season, I was dissatisfied and heartbroken and I needed to find a way to reconcile my relationship with the sport. That’s when I started coaching! Coaching has given me a much greater appreciation for the sport and I’ve found immense fulfillment through sharing my love of track with my students.

HB: What keeps you running?

Dylan: For me running as always provide the space for emotional release. There is no better feeling than running on the lakefront path with my favorite music and allowing myself to process the emotions of my day.

HB: In one sentence please answer the question: what is love?

Dylan: I think love is faith, trusting in the process!

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