Epic Racing Over Barriers | Trials of Miles

Epic Racing Over Barriers | Trials of Miles

Imagine a race where you can count the number of steps from start to finish and hitting every single one of them with maximum power, precision, & speed marks the difference between a career, a shot, a life changing performance, an Olympic team, a dream - or none of those things. Now, add 10 barriers & 7 competitors. That's the pressure some athletes choose. Nothing matches the energy of sprinting and hurdling and in an Olympic year, we'll be treated to a lot of it.

Trials of Miles' Kansas City Qualifier will play host to some of the world's best (and best ever) as they chase Olympic standards & seed times. Here are a few of the highlights:

Dawn Harper Nelson
2008 Olympic Gold, 100m hurdles
2012 Olympic Silver, 100m hurdles
2017 World Championships Silver, 100m hurdles
UCLA, 7-time All American
Instagram: @dharp100mh

Ebony Morrison
American Record 200m hurdles
University of Miami
Instagram: @elboww_knee

Jarret Eaton
2x USA hurdle champ
2019 World Indoor Silver medalist, 60m hurdles
Syracuse, 2012 National Champion, 60m hurdles
Instagram: @jeaton22

Jeffrey Julmis
2016 Olympian 110 hurdles
Kansas State
Instagram: @jeffjulmisoly

Tune in live Saturday night at the Citius Mag YouTube channel.