EVENT: Runs Against Racism

EVENT: Runs Against Racism

"The Marathon Continues.

Our fight for Racial Justice must continue. The movement can’t stop. As a running organization, we can continue this marathon through our most common denominator - running. Running can continue connecting us not solely in pursuit of physical betterment and PRs but for the continued conversation. We can and will extend beyond our own runs and own means. We will run together.
Partnered with Pioneers and UNMD, the we're bringing this journey to our runners. On 7/15 will continue this fight:
 Through discussion among our crew and local leaders Monica Grant of Violence in Boston and State Rep Liz Miranda
 Through donating our aggregated $10 race fees to Violence in Boston.
 Through running our city in a socially-distanced event.
We’re here for this change."

Register for the run here. 

- Organizing committee (Pioneers, UNMD, Heartbreakers, CM)

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