FACT: Marathoners like their own story most!

FACT: Marathoners like their own story most!

The results of week 1 of the Definitive Runner Questionnaire are in! What our data scientists found after 144 hours of careful analysis is absolutely astounding.  

1) When nature calls, it's nature we rely upon. Socks are coveted. We have favorites. Our shoes are more comfortable with socks. Runners overwhelming said, "I'm sorry Leaves, you're doing the dirty work here." (Shout to the runner who thought we meant "in the sock".)

2) When it comes to finishing style, two-thirds of you are all style. "Cool, cool, no pukes" was a clear winner but big shouts to the ones who gut it out then, dump their guts. You're the real MVPs. 

3) Runners, and marathoners in particular, are notorious for talking about themselves and their running. This bears out in the data. When asked an open ended "Favorite Boston Marathon Moment Ever?" in our Instagram poll, runners chose Des's crazy win in 2018, others chose Meb's emotional victory in 2014, some chose their own moment at Mile 20, but overwhelmingly runners said "me me me me mememe!!!" Well, they just shared their own story of Boston. Isn't that what makes Boston so special anyway? It belongs to all of us. It's ours and we're damn proud of that. Here's an infographic showing the exact proportional breakdown of the response results. Sorry, Meb and Des, you're great but runners love their own Boston Marathon most! Watch for this week's questions @heartbreakrunco in the stories and make sure your voice is heard!


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