For Chicago, From Chicago | Kea from 7onSundays

For Chicago, From Chicago | Kea from 7onSundays

For our Chicago '23 collection (here) we tapped run community luminaries from the all over the scene. Keara (aka @run_mommie) is a former sprinter applying that diligence and talent to a new distance: the marathon. She's run the Chicago Marathon before but this year, she's going big with a lofty goal. We asked Kea a few questions to get know her, her crew (@7onSundays), and how she feels about her city. 

What excites you about running right now?

The most exciting part about running right now is waking up everyday feeling like I’m living in my purpose. Literally getting better everyday; hitting PR’s in training, filling my own cup, and showing up for my mental health. It allows everyone I impact to get the best version of me!

HB: What do you love about Chicago?

Kea: What I love about Chicago is you can ALWAYS catch a vibe. Whether it’s a view, an experience, a landmark, a taste, or temperature, there is always something amazing to discover all year long!

HB: What's your favorite thing about running with your crew?

Kea: My favorite things about running with my crew is the representation I hold for black women who run long distance. Bonding with souls who enjoy the same hobby hits different! The runners that get it, get it!

HB: As the world gets ready to join the Chicago running scene in October, what should they know?

Kea: The world needs to know that no matter the pace, reason, age, ethnicity, sex, background, or level of experience; we all as runners are valuable to the sport. All of our journeys for why we run are equally important. There’s no such pace as bad. What even is slow? 🤣


Inspired by 90s era Chicago when it defined sport and culture, Heartbreak’s ‘23 Chicago celebration collection melds hoop dreams with running fashion.

In 1995-96, the Bulls & MJ dazzled the world with their commitment to excellence every single night going 72-10, setting the regular season win record. The same year, they debuted the hot new black pin stripe uniform. That season and that team inspired athletes of every generation since for their drive, their dominance, & their style.

For Fall 2023, Heartbreak debuts its “Flying H” monogram. Designed in-house by Lucas Larson, the subtle lines of the pattern guide the eye with strong direction - always forward, always up.

Colored and styled with a nod to the greatest team ever, this one’s for our Chicagoans who run the streets all year, always forward, raising spirits, elevating the game, and inspiring the world. 

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