Heartbreak Shopping Show | Pocket Jogger Short

Heartbreak Shopping Show | Pocket Jogger Short

Women's only brand Oiselle is known for its rich colors, sharp patterns, sophisticated style, and functional performance. It's high fashion meets speed and grace, apt for the name Oiselle which means bird in french. No surprise either, that it's a favorite among the women who shop at Heartbreak. We asked some of them what they thought of one item in particular: the Pocket Jogger Short. If you don't believe them, you can watch two men discuss why they love the pocket jogger short. Embarrassing? Possibly. Funny? Meh. You decide. The short? Unanimously f&$%ing awesome. Action shots, reviews, and video below. Shop the Pocket Jogger and all Oiselle right here.

Reena: "Love these shorts!"

Liz: "Love these shorts! Wear them all the time. As an added bonus- when you’re in a pinch, the pockets are big enough to hold two beers."

Jackie: "Love the pocket jogger!"

Emily: "I own them in three colors! My go-to race short for all the pockets to carry all the things. I have many photos in them, but here is one from Eugene a year ago."

Julianna: "They’re the BEST for long runs, you can store so much fuel! Or longer races! I wear them a lot..."

Kristin: "These are my favorite shorts because they do not ride up when I am running. I also love that they have some many pockets!"

Hannah: "Love these shorts! Here I am at the Run to Remember in 2018– the only race photo I’ve ever taken that’s ever looked remotely ok!"

Emily: "Berlin + pocket jogger = PR I love these shorts, I have 4 pairs and wear them all summer."

Maria: "If you love something let it go (just kidding, just buy 3 pairs of them)" 

Bri: "Pockets for the win!"

Corinne (Bri's sister): "Multisister and multi sport pocket joggers! #thanksbri"

Julie: "The BEST! I have three pairs."

Sarah: "Getting me through the Berlin Marathon in 2018!"