Heartbreak Signature Coffee by Sonic Bloom

Heartbreak Signature Coffee by Sonic Bloom

Sonic Bloom is the brainchild of Jarred Iacovelli, one of our fastest Heartbreakers and a serious coffee aficionado. What started as a perfect pour-over obsession at home evolved first into a study of roasting and process then into a real business. Coffee and speed go hand-in-hand. From the rumors of Kenyan legends drinking large amounts before their morning runs to our own daily rituals, the link is undeniable.

Owning the complete experience from raw beans through roasting to the first pour intrigued Jarred. Not surprising that an exacting process that's part art, part science, & defined by execution would attract this 66 minute half marathoner and coach.

The hardest part according to Jarred was coming up with the name. After fiddling with a few, he decided on something that represented high energy and speed. "Sonic" connotes the speed he was looking for, while "Bloom", the quick bubbling up of water that happens when you first pour, represented the act of coffee making itself and his beginnings as a roaster. ⁠

With the Heartbreak blend, he wanted something diverse to appeal to the many different people who walk through our doors. "Some people like bright flavors, some like mild 'coffee' tasting coffees. This is the perfect balance of intriguing but not challenging." It features the profiles of bright orange marmalade, some baking spices, and s'mores.

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