Heartbreaker Recruiting Night Recap

Heartbreaker Recruiting Night Recap

On Wednesday, Heartbreaker team members and potential recruits gathered in Boston's Seaport for Heartbreaker Recruiting Night at Harpoon Brewery. You can learn more about the team here. Read Coach Dan's speech from that night with photo highlights below: 

"First, thank you all for coming out tonight. Heartbreakers, let’s give a warm welcome to these recruits. Thank you, recruits, for your interest and curiosity.

Thank you, Heartbreakers, for being such powerful ambassadors of goodwill creating the energy with which we welcome all the recruits tonight. And, thank you for sticking together through the pandemic.

I'm going to read the mission statement of the team it’s been the same for five years now but it still feels to me as fresh and as relevant as ever. It gets to the heart of the feelings behind and the reasons why I created this team.

"Heartbreakers celebrate diversity of pace and person. We believe in the connective power of running to break down socioeconomic, ethnic, and religious barriers. We are beginners, Olympic trialists, international competitors, first time 5K runners, and best time everything runners. We are people who run committed to getting better and committed to the success of each other."

With that there’s a list of services like training plans, private community forum, audio guided runs, immersive video training, how-to videos, yoga videos, exclusive interviews with gold medalist and Olympians. We have weekly video coach live Q&A sessions, we have a team exclusive weekly practice, and much more. Of course we have team singlets, team gear, discounted shopping and free shipping all the time at heartbreak.run. The Internet is a convenient place to read more about all that.

Really the Heartbreaker team is a service. It’s where I leverage every skill I have as a professional coach, as a connected business owner, and as a communicator, to the end of making this running experience of yours special to you and more important to all of us.

Heartbreak was founded in the idea & spirit of team. I ran track at Boston College with my business partner. We met as awkward freshman at cross country camp and we graduated as awkward seniors and co-captains of the track team. I coached there for a short period after graduation. The power of having a group of people in my corner who pushed me, sometimes dragged me, cared how I did, invested themselves in the same pursuit in the same way, celebrated, and failed together affected me deeply. The team experience had the single most powerful affect on my life of any choice I made. That stands true from then to this moment standing in front of you.

The world is it challenging place to connect. The Heartbreakers team is really built around creating connection. I have a phrase I use often: "Make it matter, make it fun". I apply this to everything I do professionally and it started within the context of this team because it’s our natural driving force: from special events like Ladies Lead or our women’s suffrage 100 year celebration run to supporting other local clubs like Trailblazhers & Pioneers, to leveraging Olympians to unlock some of what got them to where they are, our team always seeks to make it matter and make it fun.

So let's unlock some of that connective magic right now. Let’s take 2 min. I want you to say hi to someone you don’t know and talk about what your training for. After that, we’re going to keep running back to Harpoon. I want you to say hey to your person again at the brewery and say at least “it was nice to meet and connect you.”

That’s how this whole thing started & that’s how it keeps going."