Heartbreakers at CIM 2022

Heartbreakers at CIM 2022

(Photo from Instagram @runcim262)

CIM - what a day! I checked in with Coach Emily late in the day and got this reply: "PR City!!!" Big PRs for many. Notably, Ari Hendrix-Roach is now the 2nd fastest US born African American Woman clocking a time of 2:35:39. What an effort for this athlete who has been ticking off massive PRs all year. I know it wasn't PR city for everyone. Some of our Heartbreakers dropped out. Some had to pull way back on the pace. We have the phrase "Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak" for a reason. It's truly a risk to toe the line and push for limits you've never reached before. I couldn't be prouder of the athletes who step up to give themselves a chance and miss. There's a line you step over when you go big and it separates you from the pack. It doesn't always go as we'd hoped. So if you dropped out today, if you pulled back, if you smashed that PR, if you ran that breakthrough that you needed to prove only to yourself, I'm proud of your work today and I'm grateful you do it us. 



CIM (in no particular order):

Ari Hendrix-Roach - 2:35:39
Rachel Rodin - 2:43:15
Gary Collina - 4:19:13
Brian Walsh - 2:58:23
Clare Franco - 2:47:56
Mary Kate Vaugh - 2:54:02
Amy T - 2:44:32
Erin Jaffke - 2:50:17
Monica Diez - 3:05:19
Becky Dobbin - 2:50:06
Dan Cleary - 2:53:47
Chris Batts - 2:40:15
Sean Haggerty - 2:56:04
Lyn Schneider - 3:09:45
Mark Vautour - 3:03:37

We had a few DNFs on the way to bigger comebacks. That's the game.