Heartbreakers Elite Team | Application Info

Heartbreakers Elite Team | Application Info


For the first time ever, we're opening up solicitation of our Heartbreaker Flyers (our national elite team). 

The Flyers represent Heartbreak within the elite running scene. They are the pace setters, the leaders, the front of pack from which the whole Heartbreaker community drafts.

The team includes athletes like Rosie Edwards (2:31 marathon, 3rd place at UK Marathon Trials), Jonny Phillips (2:17 marathon, 18th overall Chicago (2021), 13:55 5K (Valentine, 2022)), Michaela Hackett (2:44 marathoner, USA OTQ), Jordan O'Dea (2:39 marathoner, USA OTQ), Sarah Adler (800m: 2:07.87, 1500m 4:31.07) and many more.

Top tier athletes pushing themselves at every distance are welcome to apply. Standards and details here. (Collegiate athletes, the Love Squad information is here.)