Heartbreak's Other Co-Founder Speaks! | Open Letter

Heartbreak's Other Co-Founder Speaks! | Open Letter

Dear Heartbreak Community,

We are humbled. Humbled by your generosity, humbled by your support, humbled by your love.

Heartbreak started in 2009 with a simple mission: make runners faster and make running fun. Although a lot has changed over the past ten years, our core mission remains the same. Heartbreak was also founded as a place. A place to walk into, a place to talk to another runner, a place to meet for a workout, a place to feel welcomed, a place to get faster, a place to have a beer (or two), a place to feel at home. Having “a place” has always been important to us because we see what can happen ... awkward silence turns to small talk, small talk turns to friendship, friendship turns to support, support turns to love. Love for your fellow teammates and love for your community.

Unfortunately, our places have had to close for the time being. It’s painful and sad, but for the greater good. While the last few weeks have been a challenge, they’ve also been an inspiration. A renewed love for what we have all built; built together as a team, built together as a community. When you have something you love, you’ll do whatever it takes to keep it, nurture it, care for it and make it last forever. We are so inspired and humbled by the overwhelming support that we have received from Heartbreakers near and far, and from the Heartbreak community at-large.

We thank you.
We miss you.
We love you.
We can’t wait to see you again.

Much love,


Justin Burdon, Co-founder