How to win every summer snack

How to win every summer snack

I'm a Mexican food fiend. It's robust and flavorful. Also helps that I devour basically any fresh melon and citrus. I only wish I could concoct such beautiful meals on my own. First discovered while visiting Mexico in high school, here's my favorite summer snack that even the most culinary-challenged cook can use.

No specific duration but this involves large knives, so don't rush it


1) Cut the melon to your liking. Again - generally tough and requires sharp objects, so do you.
2) Season with Tajin. Emeril goes BAM! Salt meme guy sprinkles. Maybe start chill and ease in. 10% rule, guys!

Salted watermelon is amazing for summer barbeques and especially post-run. Not only does the watermelon rehydrate, adding salt can replace precious lost electrolytes. Replacing salt with Tajin is like, 'I see your Galdolf and raise you Obi-Wan Kenobi.' 

Tajin was originally invented in Mexico in 1985 by Horacio Fernandez, inspired by his grandmother's chile sauce. Tajin is made of salt, chili powder and dehydrated lime juice. It's sweet and sour with a kick. So fire. It can literally elevate anything and is commonly found on fruit, vegetables (try it on corn!!) and paletas (Mexican popsicles).

Luckily for you, Heartbreak has a lot of watermelons to dish out this month and we're sharing a complimentary bottle of Tajin* with every purchase! 


*While supplies last.