Is that you?

Is that you?

It sure is eerie out there. Runners in masks, families in masks, essential workers in masks, a-holes without*. High anxiety moments abound as you run your "quiet loop" but still have a to pass a family walking on your side of the street that's coming out wide avoiding a guy on his bike stopped, oblivious, and texting, a car coming at you, and another runner on the other side too. A moment, a perilous 10 meters that lasts less 5 seconds but the anxiety lingers. It frustrates, it frightens, it's just the way it is now. 10 minutes later - "why is this person crossing the street at me RIGHT NOW?!" It's enough to keep you in your house. 

Then, is that the gal I know from practice? The one I know only by her face, whose face I can't really see? The stride looks right. Not sure. The heart's flashed. The love is still out here. A masked smile. An easier breath. The run continues.

It just feels weird right now. Keep at it, team.

* - Ok, I know you're not an a-hole. That was for effect. Consider this: your mask is a note to other passersby that you care about them and their safety and well-being. Has there ever been a better time to send that message? Let's show the world how thoughtful the running community is with this simple and clear show of solidarity.

- DF