Jason Suarez AKA @notafraid2fail Interview | Thursday at 8:30PM ET

Jason Suarez AKA @notafraid2fail Interview | Thursday at 8:30PM ET

(Jason Suarez on location in Eldoret by Pat Jeffers)

(Photo of Jason Suarez by Zach Hetrick)

You may not know Jason Suarez by name but you've seen his vision. Scroll through his Instagram and you'll see what I mean. He gets the shot the athletes are proud to share. He's often track side when the biggest moments happen, creating the image we all remember. He's one of the few who captures Kipchoge training on the ground in Kenya then finishing in London & Berlin. Jason takes us with him into the fire and triumph of world class sport and immerses us in the positive vibes of running culture. Through it all, he's a not only a shooter, he's part of the tribe chipping away at his own marathon goals. 

When the world came to a stop in March, he teamed up with Duy Nguyen of Koreatown Run Club to create Long Distance (longdistance.world) a collection of stories and photographs, told and taken from runners across the world during the pandemic.

We'll catch up with Jason this Thursday to talk about his work, his favorite moments, and what he's learned from being so close to greatness. Watch it LIVE at @heartbreakrunco's Instagram Thursday night at 8:30PM ET. Support great work and get yourself a copy of Long Distance here. Enjoy some favorites below, click through to discover more yourself, and tune in Thursday night!