Joe Hale | Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak

Joe Hale | Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak

For our "Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak" campaign, we asked athletes and community members to share what the concept means to them. Joe Hale is a rising star in running media & a runner himself. Having traveled the globe with some of the world's best teams creating content, Joe's eye and talents are getting him noticed across the world. Here's his take:

What does "Run Hard, Risk Heartbreak" mean to you?

At it’s core, this mantra means work hard, and take risks. When you’re in the heart of hard training and giving it your  all, you have to sacrifice a lot of things at the time that could seem much more enjoyable and fun. You are also  putting a lot of faith in your body - you could get hurt, or just have a bad result on race day. But if you believe in  yourself and keep showing up with a positive mindset, on race day the rewards from a great effort make it all worth it.

Do you have an example in running or life that you'd like to share?

My whole HS experience kind of culminated off this idea. There were a group of guys that started in 7th grade, and  we worked together all through HS. Eventually we won the first sectional championship for our school in 30+ years  and came in third in New York State. That feeling of working so hard for all of those years for a goal that was team  based, and not just individual, was really special.

How would you describe your relationship with running?

It’s how I destress and also meet new people. There is no better way to get to know someone than going on an easy  run and just striking up random conversations for some miles.

When did you start running and why?

I started in 7th grade. I was always pretty fast and was pretty awful at every other sport, so I decide this would be my  best bet to be good at something. After taking the indoor season off in 7th grade, I ran every XC and track season  until I graduated in 12th grade and continued into college. After 1.5 of competitive running in the NCAA, I decided to  hang up the spikes to pursue photography opportunities but still run on the side.

Who keeps you running?

my HS teammates. They were the ones that got me into running, and we still keep in very close touch. They all run in  college, so even after I have stopped I have to stay in shape to catch some miles with them while I am home.

What do you love about running?

The people I have met and the community it has created in each place I visit.

What was your favorite item you wore and why?

My favorite piece is the Heartbreak Shorts. They’re super light, breathable, and I love a good pair of splits. The drawstrings that say Heartbreak on them are a great touch as well.

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