Kevin Gunawan | Never Fold

Kevin Gunawan | Never Fold

Heartbreak's Never Fold collection encourages every day athletes to bet on themselves & go big. Kevin Gunawan is a senior at Loyola, a track athlete, & a photo/video wiz. We asked him what it means to "Never Fold":

HB: When did you start running and what keeps you connected and engaged right now?

KG: "I started running through high school cross country and /track. At the time it was just a way for me to meet new people and build relationships. I grew to love the sport and culture which led me on to run at the Division 1 level for Loyola University Chicago. Unfortunately, my collegiate career was short lived due to various injuries that I could not overcome. However, my failure as a collegiate runner brought me even closer to the sport. I have been able to intersect my two passions for aesthetics and athletics by showcasing the running world through my lens. I have been fortunate enough to continue traveling with Loyola XC/TF with the responsibility of producing creative content for their social channels. I have also been fortunate enough to start working for Heartbreak Hill Running Company, which has allowed me to creatively showcase the sport, but also connect with the Chicago running community."

HB: When you think about running and the idea of Never Fold, what comes to mind?

KG: "To Never Fold is to be continually relentless. It’s the idea of pushing myself to be the best in everything I’m passionate about. When it comes to running, I can’t fold when training starts getting tough. It’s being disciplined to get out the door every morning and put in the work even if it isn’t perfect. I quit collegiate running two years ago and took half a year off of running. My body needed a break and time to fully recover. I knew I would come back to the sport of running at some point, but I had to be patient. Now, I’m running more and faster than ever, but most importantly I’m enjoying it."

HB: When did you bet big on yourself and what did you learn? (Can be running or otherwise)

KG: "The biggest bet I’ve taken on myself is transferring to Loyola and moving to Chicago freshman year of college. I wanted to place myself in the best position possible to be successful creatively and athletically. Chicago allowed me to be surrounded by like-minded people who have assisted in my success as a creative. It’s the culture and community of the running world that shaped me into the person I am today. It’s kind of corny, but the biggest thing I have learned about myself is to trust the process. By putting faith in myself is the best bet I can always take."