Maurten's Race Day Marathon Fueling Strategy

Maurten's Race Day Marathon Fueling Strategy

Maurten fuels the the world's best endurance athletes to peak performance. Lucky for us, we can enjoy the same performance advantages as Eliud Kipchoge, Molly Seidel, and the many other champions using it.

One of the key breakthroughs of the quest to break the 2 hour barrier in the marathon (in addition to the carbon-plated footwear and pacer strategy) was fuel uptake. Many of the fastest marathoners in the world were under fueling.

Maurten is different than other products in that when it interacts with the acid in your stomach, it turns into a hydrogel, bypasses the stomach, and is absorbed in the small intestine. This allows athletes to take in more carbohydrate (a runner's essential fuel) with little to no gastro-intestinal distress.

With its variety of products, it can be tough to figure out the precise fueling strategy for maximal race day performance. Here's a primer straight from the source.

Day before your race:
Drink 320

3 hours before race:
Sip on Drink 160

In race (alternate gels)
6K - CAF 100 (3.72 miles; ~4 mi)
12K - GEL 100 (7.44 miles; ~8 mi)
18K - CAF 100 (11.16 miles; ~11 mi)
24K - GEL 100 (14.88 miles; ~14 mi)
30K - CAF 100 (18.6 miles; ~18 mi)
36K - GEL 100 (22.32 miles; ~22 mi)

Get your Maurten products here and "get used to it" as they say. Practice your strategy during your long runs and make sure your nutrition plan powers you forward!

Coach Dan sat down with Maurten's head of nutrition for an in-depth discussion on the products. You can watch that here.

Coach Dan offers an slightly modified alternative to this plan: 

Day before your race:
Drink 320 over the course of the day.

2-3 hours before race:
Light breakfast, light hydration

15-30 min before start:

In race (alternate gels)
MILE 5 - GEL 100
MILE 10 - CAF 100
MILE 14 - GEL 100
MILE 18 - CAF 100 
MILE 22 - GEL 100 

Here's a visual guide of fueling execution from Maurten's website:

Maurten is the official on-course nutrition provider of the 2022 Boston Marathon.