[Photo by Josh Campbell]

For our Thursday night Signature Speed sessions we tapped our brightest community leaders and coaches to lead the charge. Each of them answered some simple questions to illustrate the personalities behind who's coaching you up. First up, Jonny Phillips. Jonny is the primary coach behind our VISION21 training. He was 40th place in the US Olympic Marathon Trials, a Mob Mile Champ, 2:17 marathoner, and has a had a major role in making the fastest runners on the Heartbreakers even faster. We want to unleash this running mind to benefit every one.

DF: What do you love about running?
JP: First and foremost, the community. There’s nothing quite like pursuing a common goal, and going through the highs and lows of training and racing together. A community built around a purpose and these shared experiences has brought me my closest friends, and challenged me in the best ways.

DF: What do you hope to pass along to athletes in your sessions?
JP: More miles, more smiles". The most important ingredient to training is mindset. I want folks to learn how to train hard while staying relaxed and enjoying the run. My goal is to help people find fulfillment in the process of training, and to bring a calm focus to race day.

DF: What would you say to someone who's afraid to join a session?
JP: To improve, you need to step out of your comfort zone a little bit! Our sessions are welcome to all abilities, but there will be people there to help you push yourself in a safe and supportive environment. Plus I’ll be waiting at the finish with a high-five.

DF: What would you say to someone who thinks they're too fast for our sessions?
JP:Prove it. Race me.

Jonny will primarily cover Heartbreaker Practice but will make some cameos at Signature Speed and Long Run too.