Meet Acer Iverson | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Meet Acer Iverson | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Acer Iverson is on the Love Squad! ⁠

Hometown: Roseville, MN⁠
High school: Roseville Area High School⁠
College: Harvard University⁠
Events: 5k, 10k, XC⁠
Notable PRs: 5k - 13:42, 10k - 29:04 to hold off Suguru Osako⁠

What motivates you: If I stay fast enough in flat events, coach won’t put me in the steeple group.⁠

What makes you happy: Sundays. Long run -> Team brunch -> Nap -> Team dinner -> Bed⁠

What does "run hard, risk heartbreak" mean to you: Running hard means we risk heartbreak. Anything less only guarantees it.⁠

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