Meet Bella Pawloski | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Meet Bella Pawloski | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Isabella Pawloski is on the Love Squad! ⁠

Hometown: Tampa, Florida⁠
High school: Calvary Christian High School⁠
College: University of Notre Dame⁠
Events: 800, 1600, XC⁠
Notable PRs: 5k = 18:40, 800 = 2:17, 1600 = 5:08⁠

What motivates you: What motivates me to run is I want to see how far I can push my limits and see⁠ what my body is capable of. ⁠

What makes you happy: I’m my happiest when I’m doing the things I love. I love hanging out with my⁠
friends and family, running and getting to explore new places.⁠

What does "run hard, risk heartbreak" mean to you: Every time you step up to the line for a race or hard workout, you are committing to yourself that you will give your best. It doesn’t always mean you’ll get a new⁠
PR or have a great workout; sometimes you’ll even give everything you have and it just won’t be enough, and that’s ok. To me “run hard, risk heartbreak” means⁠
that when you’re out there running, you are running with the mindset of “my best might not be enough, but I’d rather give my best and come short than not give⁠
enough and wonder what could have been.”⁠

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