Meet Daniella Hubble | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Meet Daniella Hubble | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Daniella Hubble is on the Love Squad! ⁠

Hometown: Seattle, WA⁠
High School: Ingraham High School⁠
College: University of San Diego⁠
Events: Steeplechase, 1600, 3200, XC⁠
Notable PRs: 7:25 2k Steeplechase, 5:21 1600, 11:43 3200⁠

What motivates you: A large part of my motivation to run is that I simply want to test my limits. I'm also very motivated by the positive community I am surrounded by.⁠

What makes you happy: I am happy when all aspects of my life are balanced. Making time for family, friends, school, hobbies and other important aspects of life matters. When I fall into the trap of basing my worth off race results or any other numbers, happiness is hard to find.⁠

What does "run hard, risk heartbreak" mean to you: It means to not fear failure or the judgment of others. To reach new limits we often need to try new things. Being willing to put in high amounts of effort and risking it all will lead to breakthroughs.⁠

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