Meet Michael Hayeck | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Meet Michael Hayeck | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Michael Hayeck is on the Love Squad! ⁠

Hometown: Boston, Ma⁠
High school: Saint John’s High School, Shrewsbury Ma⁠
College: Flagler College⁠
Events: 3k, 5k⁠
Notable PRs: 9:40 3k, 17:06 5k⁠

What motivates you: I am motivated by my family, friends, and coaches to work hard to⁠ not only be the best runner I can be, but to be the best person I can⁠
be.⁠ ⁠

What makes you happy: I am pretty much always happy it is very to make me upset about⁠ things, but just being thankful for my family and friends and having⁠ an opportunity to be happy about little things every day.⁠

What does "run hard, risk heartbreak" mean to you: “Run hard risk heartbreak” to me means to give everything you have⁠ on a run and accept whatever the result may be. Going into a race,⁠ workout, or any regular easy day in general you have to accept what⁠
the result will be at the end. Whether it’s a personal best or the worst⁠ race of my life, there will always be the next day to keep going and⁠ keep getting better.⁠

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