Meet Ryan Thompson | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Meet Ryan Thompson | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Ryan Thompson is on the Love Squad! ⁠

Hometown: Irondequoit, New York⁠
High school: Irondequoit High School⁠
College: Duke University⁠
Events: Steeplechase, 8k⁠
Notable PRs: 3000m Steeple: 9:04, xc 8k: 24:54⁠

What motivates you: Seeing how the mindset I use to succeed in running can be applied to help me be successful off the track (school, work, relationships, etc.).⁠

What makes you happy: The bond we've formed here on our team, the oxford comma, cooking eggs just right⁠

What does "run hard, risk heartbreak" mean to you: Take your shots, your athletic career isn't long enough to play it safe. Not knowing how you really could've done in a race hurts way more than taking a risk and blowing up.⁠

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