Meet Sarah Burwell | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Meet Sarah Burwell | Heartbreak's Love Squad

Sarah Burwell is on the Love Squad! ⁠

Hometown: Marietta, Ga⁠
High school: Walton High school⁠
College: Georgia Tech⁠
Events: 3200, 5k, 10k⁠
Notable PRs: 18:28 5k 10:56 3200m 5:07 1600m

What motivates you: The feeling of success I get after completing a workout or a race and my love for the sport of running and wanting to be the best I can at it is what motivates me. My high school and college teammates also push me to want to be a better runner. ⁠

What makes you happy: My family, my cat and dog, and my friends make me the happiest. Running has given me some of my closest friends and they are all the kindest and most supportive people. My new college team also makes me really happy, they have all been so welcoming and the environment on the team and team culture is purely amazing. ⁠

What does "run hard, risk heartbreak" mean to you: I've had a few moments in my running career where "run hard, risk heartbreak" is applicable, one of them being my senior year cross country state race. I went out way too hard in my fight for first and completely died at the end of the race. I fell out of the top 10 and wanted so badly to give up, everything felt numb, but I mentally convinced myself back into the race and finished 5th. For the first time ever I completely collapsed after crossing the line. I cried after the race out of frustration with myself and my performance. But, I've realized I learned a lot more from that race than I ever would have if I had won. I learned how powerful mind over body is and just how strong I really am. I also learned, that while heartbreak hurts, it also motivates and teaches the most difficult lessons.⁠

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