Mill City Running | Magic Horse Marathon Relay Featured Team

Mill City Running | Magic Horse Marathon Relay Featured Team

A packed house & pancakes. That's what you can expect early on Friday mornings at Mill City Running (outside of global pandemics). That kind of warmth & hospitality is what makes this Minneapolis based store a hot spot in what can be a very cold city.

Owned and operated by Jeff and Bekah Metzdorff, the store is labor of love for this husband and wife team. It's one of the most beautiful running stores in the country. Having recently recently opened a second location in Saint Paul (Saint City Running), they're expanding on their stated mission:

"We are a store that is inclusive to all, no matter your abilities, pace, or running/walking background. We hope that everyone that enters our doors will feel encouraged on their path to fitness whether you're just stopping by to check us out, need help finding a good shoe or apparel, looking for running or training advice, participating in a group run or clinic, or just want to hang out with us. We are excited to meet you- stop in and say hi!"

What they don't mention, is that when a championship or bragging rights are on the line in a real competition, Mill City will be out for blood... Well, at least when it comes to the Magic Horse Marathon Relay that's the case. Fired up from the start, Jeff, Bekah, and their race team coordinator, Drea, have been sniping at the Heartbreakers and the other squads. All in fun (we think).

Are you lining up with us? Get your 5 pack together and see if Mill City's gonna smoke you too. Learn more about the Magic Horse Marathon relay at