Volcanoes, Models, & Basketball | Conor runs the Philippines with Janji

Volcanoes, Models, & Basketball | Conor runs the Philippines with Janji

The world is a buzz with the launch of the Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls story, Last Dance, being released over 5 weeks on ESPN. It took me until age 35 (or something like that) to call myself a runner. Before that, I was a failed basketball player who ran. My social life in high school consisted of playing basketball and talking on the phone with my girlfriend from out of town. A lot of basketball. My hard work paid off though. I rose to captain of the worst team in the Merrimack Valley averaging 2.6 points per game as the center or power forward, obviously, being I was 6'1, 160lbs. My basketball prowess earned me a small partial scholarship to run track at Boston College.

Hoop Dreams run deep around along the Charles. Janji co-founder Mike Burnstein is a baller. He shot the lights out of an NBA All Star game challenge in Chicago this year (not a joke). Mike Burnstein of Janji at the 2020 NBA All Star GameConor Cashin, our Boston GM and Heartbreaker team captain, was a baller in high school. Come to think of it, if the 3 of us decided to throw down against a team of 3 other runners (who don't have previous basketball experience) there's a strong chance we'd win.

Did you know that the Burn & the hottest Runner Boi in Boston (as I just now decided to call them) traveled to the Philippines for a Janji shoot together in January? They did. They played some basketball and, because of the volcano that erupted near-by, they got covered in ash. Let's hear about it. Video chat below and Janji at Heartbreak here. - DF

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