Nathan Kolbus | Mostly Heartbroken, Still Going

Nathan Kolbus | Mostly Heartbroken, Still Going

We asked the community members featured in our Mostly Heartbroken, Still Going campaign to share a little bit about what the themes mean to them.

Nathan Kolbus is a fixutre of our Chicago shop. Bringing good vibes to Chicago's running community is just a side hustle for him though. This former Loyola track star is now counting the 1s & 2s at KPMG. He got his first taste of the marathon at the 2023 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Read more from Nathan below: 

Heartbreak: What comes to mind for you when you hear: Mostly Heartbroken, Still Going?

Nathan: Every race that I’ve ran that hasn’t gone my way, but waking up the next day still ready to give it another go. I’ve definitely failed more times than I’ve succeeded, but I think that’s what makes my achievements so worthwhile.

HB: What was something that didn't work out for you and how did you bounce back?

Nathan: Freshman year of college, the first time I steeplechased, I broke my arm falling over the water pit barrier. I never did the steeplechase again, but it pushed me into running the 10k and loving to run longer distances where I ran much better.

HB: What keeps you running?

Nathan: Running has shaped my life and given me opportunities and experiences I never would have imagined. Running has given my best friends and given me work ethic that I use every day in my career. My mantra is “keep showing up” because I know even the worst days running are still beneficial and teach me something.

HB: In one sentence please answer the question: what is love?

Nathan: Love is waking up at 5:00 am to run with your roommates when you worked until 1:00 the night before.

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