NCAA T&F West Regionals | Butterboys Tailgate

NCAA T&F West Regionals | Butterboys Tailgate

There's nothing like some good ole college tailgate fun. Heartbreak hit Fayetteville, Arkansas, as the Razorbacks hosted the NCAA Track & Field West Regional meet, where the top 48 NCAA D1 athletes from the western half of the U.S. competed for spots at the NCAA Championships in Eugene this summer. 

The Butterboys, a track club founded by Arkansas athlete Rueben Reina, strive to energize collegiate track. They asked us to join in hyping up their home meet so we had to come down. 

The Heartbreak crew & the Butterboys geared up for killer racing & trackside antics. Some highlights?

  • Watching current & former Lovesquad Athletes DeVontae Ford and Alyssa Colbert out of Texas Tech, Darius Brown out of DePaul, and Mia Cochran out fo Arkansas RUN HARD! #Lovesquad4L
  • Our DIY side quest with the Butterboys making a custom step and repeat for the tailgate hours before it began. Yes, they have a full blown screen printing set up in their college house garage.
  • Our TV set up at the BBTC tailgate. We had both the Pre Classic and NCAA T&F regional meets streaming. True track and field fans.

Check out some more of the highlights & photos here (shot by @paigecarterrun).