Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature | Win A Pair!

Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature | Win A Pair!

When the biggest player makes a small change, it can have a greater affect than a small player making what feels like big change. Given the scale of Nike relative to most companies, small changes can have drastic impacts. With Nike's Move to Zero, they're not thinking small. They're going big with massive implications for how innovation can be done sustainably. As they tell it: "Move to zero is Nike's journey toward zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future of the sport."

As part of that on-going project, Nike created the Air Zoom Alphafly Next Nature. The shoe is pinnacle racing performance made with 50% recycled materials (by weight). Heartbreak is giving you two ways to win yourself a pair. Now through this Thursday, November 4th, you can donate shoes or run with us on Thursday for a chance to win the AF Next Nature. Here’s how it works:

- One entry per pair of running shoes donated at a Heartbreak location* between now and Thursday, 11/4 at 6:30PM (local time)

- One entry for attending a Heartbreak Signature Speed Run powered by Nike Running at any Heartbreak location on Thursday, 11/4, at 6:30PM (local time).

Best yet, do both!!

The opportunity drawing will take place at the start of the Thursday sessions at ALL Heartbreak retail locations. Four pairs (one per store) are up for grabs!

Sales associate on-site will log donation at time of drop-off.

Heartbreak will sell the shoe in-store only (no online sales) at release. Stay tuned for official release details & read the exact specifications of the shoe on the Heartbeat at

* Donations only accepted during store open hours.

Shoe specifications: 

* Upper: Combination of Flyknit and Flyprint upper. Quarter panel and heel section made up of Flyprint.
* Flyprint allows us to incorporate left over waste from Air Bag material into the Flyprint sections of the upper (Approx 20% recycled).
* We have tested up to 80% recycled material (proving to be some challenges in consistency above 20%) in new models we may push the recycled content up.
* Flyprint process dramatically reduces waste. Not ready for a full Flyprint upper as it failed durability and support testing. Flyknit introduced as a solve for this.
* Flyknit using “take-back” yarn, waste material or extra that has not been utilized. Using only the most sustainable versions of yarn, some of which have already been recycled the material is being recycled again.
* Laces created from recycled material, sourced from polyester recycling processes such as recycled bottle systems.
* Midsole: ZoomX material composed in a hot mould. Recycled waste material chopped up into cubes and formed into a midsole shape.
* 75% recycled material. Top line needs to be virgin material to bond to upper.
* Zoom Air unit is already 60% recycled materials.
* Carbon fiber plate runs the length of the midsole. Constructed from left-over pieces, 80% recycled plate. Seam down the middle, sandwiched between a single layer of virgin material of carbon fiber on top and bottom of the plate.
* Sockliner: 100% recycled material.
* Rubber outsole: Solid Rubber 9% recycled material (lateral component), blown rubber 15% recycled material (forefoot and medial).
* Shoe Box: It comes in the Move to Zero Box that says 50% recycled material on the outside.
* Shoe Bag: No Bag, the team looked at doing a flyknit bag or other options, but in the end felt that reducing the amount of material and not adding a bag was most inline with the sustainability initiative.