Nike Zoom Alphafly NXT% & ZoomX Vaporfly NXT%  Release Info

Nike Zoom Alphafly NXT% & ZoomX Vaporfly NXT% Release Info

The highly anticipated Nike Zoom Alphafly NEXT% and ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT% "Rawthentic"releases Thursday, August 27th, at 10AM ET. Heartbreak South End (Boston) and Lincoln Park (Chicago) will open early for the occasion (10AM ET / 9AM CT respectively). It will also be available at 10AM ET at In order to consolidate the limited pairs, they will not be available at launch in Newton and Cambridge shops. Some other technical details about the Alphafly, its men's vs women's sizing, and more can be found below thanks to our local Nike EKIN, Chris Madaffari:


  • Sizing: Boxes are labeled male and female separately. That said, it’s the same footwear (i.e. M9 is the same as a W10.5).
  • Last:  It’s Nike's traditional racing last used across most racing shoes (next% was different). Snug, but breathable fit.
  • Weight: M8.5 – 7.4 oz.
  • Offset: 4mm (in a M8.5, heel is 39mm, forefoot is 35mm). This adheres and passes World Athletic guidelines   


  • Carbon Fiber Plate: Exact same material and practically same shape throughout. We’ve added two holes that essentially serve as space for the zoom air units to sit within (we didn’t want the carbon fiber to cover/take away the responsiveness off the zoom air units).
  • Air Zoom Units: Have been added to provided 2 key benefits: (1) increased cushion and (2) increased responsive; both in the forefoot. If we go back to the OG VF4%, the original goal was providing both a wicked responsive shoe with a super soft shoe. The zoom air helps bring this innovation into its next iteration.
  • ZoomX: it’s back and ready to give you that lightweight, responsive and soft ride each step. Energy return is typically around 85% (for every 100 lbs of force into the ground, ZoomX helps bring 85 lbs of force back into your foot).


  • Traction: Different Traction Pattern. We analyzed the tread patterns of the hundreds of runners who wear-tested (yes, some heartbreakers for sure) with the goal of figuring the right patterned need to provide optimized traction. If we’re making a super amazing shoe in the midsole we want to make sure you lead correctly & stay on your foot. Mission accomplished. Also – that gap In between the air units…don’t worry about rocks getting in there.


  • Atomknit: Next iteration of flyknit. We’ve taken flyknit fabric and steamed/stretched it to provide a lightweight, contoured fit that’s also breathable ("quick drying" is something we’ve continued working towards within this line). Added some additional layering amongst the toes for durability. Talk about SMOOTH & BUTTERY
  • Laces: Low-Key the coolest part of the whole thing (imo high-key). They’re constructed like rope, with tiny divets in them (as you tie, the divets grab into each other, idea is providing perfect lacing with no loosening as you go crush a PR).
  • Pull-Tabs: Another personal fave – pull tabs on the heel and tongue are perfect for sliding this shoe on, no problem at all.


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