PLAY: London Marathon Bingo!

PLAY: London Marathon Bingo!

We have a big time international marathon happening this weekend! Not only that, it's THE SHOWDOWN OF THE AGES! Goat v Goat [update: Bekele out] in the men's race and straight untouchable GOAT in the women's race. How fast will it go? What am I talking about? 

[Download our London watch party bingo board below 👇]

The Virgin Money London Marathon kicks off Sunday morning with the women's race at 2:15AM EDT, men at 5:15AM EDT, & wheelchair athletes start at 8:15AM EDT. Due to COVID-19, the race is limited to elites only and very small fields at that. But, we can say it's quality over quantity here. This race is STACKED. The two best men's distance runners of all-time, Eliud Kipchoge and Kenenisa Bekele, who boast race times of 2:01:39 & 2:01:41 respectively will go head to head on this fast, looping course [update: Bekele out]. Brigid Kosgei, who broke the marathon world record by 1:21 last year in Chicago, is also lacing up for this one on the women's side. Heartbreak favorites Jared Ward and Molly Seidel will both be out there too. We're pulling for them to score first American. Jared's chances are looking pretty good as he is also the only American male in the race (note to Jared: "finish race, collect 1st American sponsor incentive check"). Molly and Sarah Hall will battle for the first American spot. Molly is 1-0 so far against Sarah at the marathon distance but Sarah is a seasoned competitor with a faster PR. 

A secondary story has taken hold here in the American running nerd community. In an interview with Jared Ward on Citius Mag, Jared mentioned he's just hoping not to get lapped. Molly jumped in the same concern via comments on Instagram. T-shirts were made. Message boards lit up. Is it unusual for a man who placed 6th in the Olympics to worry about getting lapped? Yup. That's how damn fast this race is and we can't wait to watch it all go down. 

Oh, and to make the viewing experience more fun we made you a bingo board! See something then mark it off on the board. When you get 5 in a line (diagonal, column, or row) yell "BINGO", apologize to family members and roommates for yelling at 6:00AM then, make it up to them by showing them YOU ARE A BIG WINNER! 

Happy London Marathon 2020! 

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