A Des Story for the Release of the Brooks Running Hyperion Elite 2

A Des Story for the Release of the Brooks Running Hyperion Elite 2


You want Des's race shoe for your virtual marathon?! The one she wore in this year's Olympic trials and as a prototype when she won Boston in 2018, the Brooks Running Hyperion Elite 2, is available right here, RIGHT NOW! This Brooks' best entry yet in the carbon fiber plated super shoe race.

Our flagship store at Mile 20 of the Boston course has been open since 2012. Every Patriot's Day, our rabid Des fans have screamed her forward from right there ever since. Of course, we're also there at the corner of Comm Ave. and Center St. every day all year long, not just on Marathon Monday so, you never know when you're going to meet a legend just cruising the course. We'll let Conor take it from there.

What's your best Des story? Leave us a comment below.

About Des: Des Linden is a hero of American distance running. In Boston though, her legend status is up there with the all time greats: Bird, Brady, Boston Billy, Shalane, and Joanie. She's on our running Mt. Rushmore, an adopted daughter of our city whose commitment to the Boston Marathon is unmatched in modern professional running. She's run it 8 times, more than Shalane Flanagan (4) and Kara Goucher (3) combined. Her first attempt was in 2007, she set the American record on the course in 2011 (later broken by Shalane), she's been in the top 10 finishers 6 times, and of course, she won it in 2018.


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