Represent US

Represent US

REPRESENT US: A cross country road trip with two young graduates in search of what it means to be an American.

This year in Eugene, the best U.S. Track & Field athletes will compete for the chance to represent us as a part of Team USA at the Paris Olympics. For some, this will be a career defining moment. For others, hearts will be broken. The selection process for the Paris Olympics all comes down to these 10 days.

We’re also in an election year, & in five months we’ll head to the polls to collectively decide who will represent us locally, nationally, and internationally. The world is in conflict but there is still art. There is still sport. There is still music. There is still love, friendship, and hope.

Graduates especially face a world full of possibility. We’re sending Jaeschel (Harvard ‘24) and Sam (Needham HS ’24) on a road trip across the country from Boston, MA to Eugene, OR. Jaeschel and Sam will be stopping in key cities, making music and art, and meeting up with people from all over our country, all to find out what it means to represent us. Here's the line up:

FOLLOW ALONG: We will be posting daily updates here and on all channels. Find some trip photo & video highlights HERE.


7am, Newton, Massachusetts - Jaeschel and Sam met our Director of Marketing, Paige Carter, and Heartbreak co-founder, Justin Burdon, at our Mile 20 store for a proper send off. Our community was also gathering at the shop for our weekly long run but doubled down as the ultimate send off hype-crew for the boys as they left for their first stop: New York City.



CITY #1: New York City, NY



CITY #2: Columbus, OH